FILWIT objectives for 2006-07

  • to constituteas Working Research Group at Alcalá University
  • to find free wiki platforms to get to know how to work with it
  • to create a model for the different lesson plans in wiki environment
  • to think about the use of wikis in the classroom
  • to design lesson plans with wiki technology
  • to get to know our findings in different forums

Goals achieved in 2006-07

  • a registration number for FILWIT as a working research group in UAH-GI05-07. The first professors to sign the form were Guzmán Mancho, Carmen Valero, Raquel Lázaro, and Mónica Olivares; and Natalie Pareja as group facilitator.
  • the platform we were informed of was WIKISPACES
  • to view a model for our FORMAT GUIDELINES, click here.
  • to view a design for our lesson plans in wiki environment, click on the title: The Internet,
  • to participate in the following forums:
    • II Encuentro sobre innovación en docencia universitaria - Universidad de Alcalá. Junio 2007.
      • Guzmán Mancho. "Las wikis y el aprendizaje colaborativo de lenguas extranjeras: Inglés para Informática en ADA-Madrid durante 2006-07". (**ppt presentation**)